March 29, 2011

King's Speech

Not sure why I waited until last Sunday to watch it.  I knew it would be a wonderful film, and yes it was, but it was beyond my expectation.    Actors were all very charming, I am a big fan of all of them - Colin Firth, Jefery Rush, Helena Bonham Carter (except for her role in Harry Potter series - too good that she's too scary).

I discovered that I love drawing people.  People as a subject is very tricky.  Harder than landscape or flowers, in which you really don't have to draw exactly as they are. You can add a petal or two, a house or 10 houses, and no one will notice.   It's easy to notice the difference between the picture and the model in case of portraits.   But I still like it.  I want to be able to do it relaxed and effortless.  I succeeded a little bit with Helena on the right.  Not with Colin.

I also realized that I love drawing on dark backgrounds with white pencils.  I used to do that a lot while in highschool or in college, unintentionally.  I used to draw the full moon on black piece of paper.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving your people drawings Meri - the one of Sean Connery yesterday was wonderful (so are these)!

Retta said...

I love your drawings! I like the white pencil on dark background too. You are really talented!

Meri said...

Thank you, both of you :) I will keep on practicing!