November 16, 2011


My friends and I took a weekend trip to Ikaho hot spring area.  My camera quickly went out of battery unfortunately, but I managed to capture some reds and yellows and blues.

Went to watch Moneyball on Monday.  I've read the book years ago, but the movie still felt extremely good.  I have been quite busy these days with plans and strategies, so the story was kind of perfect.
I am super excited today because a friend of mine decided to join me for the Hokkaido trip in December.  I have been telling about my plan to everyone, and finally succeeded in recruiting!

November 06, 2011


I know it's totally crazy but I am thinking about going back to the deserted and frozen land in the north during my winter break.  I wish I had a second house there.
This year, I thought about driving a bit, because you can't really go anywhere without driving in the region.  Last year my movement was limited to the immediate surroundings of the hotels.  But when I was surfing on the Internet about driving tips in winter in the region, all the comments were saying "DON'T DRIVE.  DON'T TRY TO KILL ANYONE".  OK.  I guess I have to give up on the idea of skating on the ice with a rental car.
So I will probably be walking in the snow, canoeing in the freezing cold, knitting and reading in front of a fireplace, and drinking wine by myself. 
Yey, can't wait!

Comfort Knitting

I am a scarf knitter these days.  I haven't knitted a single sweater since September, even though the weather is becoming wooly week by week.  Sweater knitting requires a strong will, good memory, persistence, and a lot of time.  Not for me, right now.

But what I can tell you is that I am a better knitter these days.  I can't say since when, but I became comfortable knitting something without a pattern, like, just pick a good yarn and swatch and calculate and start knitting.  This is really new to me.

This feeling of discovery is kind of like when I was still studying English.  Learning something is like climbing giant steps.  You try and try and try, then one day you find yourself on top of the giant step that you were trying to climb.  But there is another step in front of you.

A bulky snood, just completed.

November 02, 2011