About Meri:

Graduated Hitotsubashi University (International Relations and Environmental Economics), Master in Urban Engineering at The University of Tokyo (Urban Design and Regional Planning), Year Abroad Program at UC Davis Community Develop Program (Landscape Architecture).  After graduation, I worked  as an editor at internationally distributed architectural journal A+U, a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in Tokyo, and a small business owner.  I now am a senior marketing analyst in a foreign financial institution in Tokyo.  Endeavors to do something crazy in the marketing world.

Passionate about films, knitting, design, architecture, learning and thinking about languages, studying about how a city was formed and developed, doing no sightseeing but just reading and chatting at cafes while traveling, eating, collecting books, practicing pronunciation, deciphering the making process of great crafts, and great marketing ideas.

Co-established a biannual online knitting magazine, amirisu, with Tokuko Ochiai in August 2012.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (sparkle512).




Facebook(メイン), Twitter,  Instagram (sparkle512)やっています。

About This Blog:

Main contents:
Daily stuffs, films reviews, knitting and crafts, photography, books, marketing, and some very personal rumbling, of a Japanese who lives in Tokyo.  Because my interests shift quite so frequently, it's impossible to have a theme-specific blog.
Comments are well appreciated in Japanese, English and French.

This blog has been partially moved from the previous one, which you can read here:


About My Camera

My photos are not that great, so you may not be wondering, but I have an inexpensive Nikon D5000 with regular lens (AFSDXVR18-55G) and 50mm f1.4.  According to some Amazon reviews, although D5000 is an entry model, it works as wonderfully as Nikon's more expensive models.
Other photos are taken with iPhone 3G, 4G, and Ricoh GR Digital III.

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