December 25, 2012

Holiday Knitting 今日の編みもの

Since it has gotten so cold, and dug up this work-in-progress socks and finished knitting the 2nd piece.  The pattern was intended for skiing socks, so it is incredibly warm.  It turned out to be that I caught cold, so the pair of socks is saving my life.

And this hat.  I was knitting with 6 petals but it was getting too big.  So I unraveled the whole thing and remade this in almost 2 days during our Kyoto trip.  It fits perfectly and I am glad I made a good use of this yarn -  a gift from my friend.

I realized recently that using a balloon for blocking is pretty easy and effective.  It is sometimes hard to find a dish of your desired size.  I put a balloon in a hat first, then blow it up to a fitted size.


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