February 20, 2011

G Tokyo

G Tokyo art event : http://www.gtokyo-art.com/#/op/
I went to an art exhibition in a neighborhood at Roppongi Hills called G Tokyo.  No idea what "G" stands for, but this is an exhibition of up and coming artists both Japanese and others.  Found a couple of unique talents such as Djordje Ozbolt, who was originally from Yugoslavia. (linked here)
His work look like this, for example:
Photo courtesy of Primeira Avenida: http://primeiraavenida.blogspot.com/2008/11/djordje-ozbolt-at-303-gallery.html
Obviously, he already has a big fan base, for there are blog articles about his work, everywhere.  I wanted to buy his book, but too expensive.  Can't wait to see more in the near future!

One of the featured artists was Hisashi Tenmyouya.  He uses traditional Japanese paints, a genre pretty common in the Japanese fine arts world.  I was completely fascinated by his subjects, texture of the paints, and the colors on black backgrounds.
Courtesy the artist and Mizuma Art Gallery and G Tokyo website - pls visit here http://www.gtokyo-art.com/mizumaartgallery.html
Last but not least, Kei Imazu had a very small lovely painting exhibited as a part of Bombay Sapphire funded collection.  The one exhibited there cannot be found online, but her work look like this:

Photo from this blog, and courtesy of the artis and Yamamot Gendai gallery. http://maborosi.yasumina.com/
All in all, it was a great fun!

After that, I strolled around the neighborhood and bought some flowers at my favorite florist.  The shop was literally full of gorgeous hyacinths, so naturally, a few bunches accompanied me home.

 A new season is close...
But it's still cold outside, so we need something for our tummies... like a divine hot chocolate.

On another topic, this guy and I have been bumping into each other quite often.  I have been wanting to ask a permission to take a photo, and today, I found him left alone outside a grocer.
Don't you think a grey short haired dog is the coolest, most fashionable thing?
He also has this very strange and funny expression... definitely something complex is going on in his head.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an inspiring and lovely afternoon!! Thanks for sharing the new artists and your new friend - my neighbor has a dog like that - so regal and sophisticated, so I understand what you mean. They are beautiful dogs!

Meri said...

Kelly, thank you for your comment!
Through this blog, I hope to show a bits of Life in Tokyo - very vibrant and a lot going on, little space for resting and feeling peace.
Can't wait to go back to SAW.