February 18, 2011

Inspire Me

This image of a restaurant had hit me like a lightening.  This is how I want my house to look like.  The warm color pallet, aged beech color timber, glass and steel, a combination of small lighting...

I found a nice (very old ) apartment where the owner is willing to pay for the refurbishment expenses.  The apartment is on a rooftop, and has large planters.  But I am in the middle of "discovering myself" and "looking around what to do next" phase, I can't make my mind up whether to commit to live in Tokyo just yet.

( I can't remember where I found this photo - I tried to track it back but the site address is gibberish.  I am sorry, it's from the below link.  No intention of violating a copy right.
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_CKEgxIRqxv0/TTW5CS_kL-I/AAAAAAAAENM/_S6D_2JZb_s/s1600/gusto.jpg  )

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