August 23, 2012

これが編み隊 (We want to knit this!)

It's been another exhausting week... working fully plus working on amirisu during the evenings. I was expecting to have some "free time" this week, because everyone in my team (including our boss) is away on vacation. It turned out to be even harder without them. Made me realize how I should appreciate the support that I am getting from my team.

Now, I am still working from home for both works, but I found this pattern in Ravelry.

from Ravelry

So cute.
The shawl that I am knitting is almost done, and the cardigan that I am knitting is not likely to make it this year, so this is going to be my next project after the launch of amirisu?
Our key phrase these days is "we will have some time in September!."

Anyway, I am releasing my stress through online shopping (which only takes a few seconds, really), so I'm going to show you my recent acquisitions (lots of them) sometime in September. You'll love them!

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