August 30, 2012

ちょっと休憩 Little Break


(2)まだ創刊していないのに、色々な経路でフォローしてくれたりグループに参加くださったりしている数百人の方々 (ありがとうございます!)。蓋を開けてみたら、期待に添えていなかったらどうしよう?



I'm taking a day off today, working on the last bits (lots of bits) with Tokuko.

The recurring thoughts in the last few weeks are:
(1) Why in the world had I thought about starting a magazine?  I don't have time to knit!
(2) A few hundred people are already following us (thank you!!!)... what if their expectations are sky-high?

I'm fighting with the pressure.
But we believe our designers are fantastic, the photographer and the model is kind of perfect, and our articles are also pretty intriguing.

Of course, there are already so many thing that we wanted to do otherwise, but we will get there, in the next issues.  So please support us warmly and kindly as you support an immature kids idol group. :)

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