December 07, 2008


I have been cooking more these days, partly because I bought a new cooking pot. But somehow, I suddenly realized I don't mind spending some extra time for preparing food. Believe me, I can cook. I just usually don't. Why people wear a  surprising look when I say this??

So finally, I bought a french cooking pot - Staub. I just LOVE how it looks, and how it transformed my tiny kitchen into what looks more professional :) Here is the first dinner I cooked 2 weeks ago, mustard flavor mutton, "agnello alla senape" according to the book.
It's 20 cm in diameter, a bit small, but come to think of it, my kitchen is smaller than my sofa.
Dinner2 Dinner1








Mustard Speaking of mustard, I bought a big jar of mustard at a neighborhood supermarket, a mustard called Pommery.  You sometimes see this mustard at french bistros, and I had so curious so I just had to try it.  It's sealed with bee's wax.  I had no idea how to open it, it took me about half an hour before I finally smelled the fragrant vinegar from inside.  OK, it was totally worth it.  Eaten with leftover Pot au Feu, it tasted superb.
Grilled ChickenThis is my dinner tonight. Bon apetite!

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