June 05, 2011

Early Summer Evening

Yesterday I had a small home warming party at my place. I waited until now because I wanted to have the painting first, before inviting people (you can see a small part of the picture in the background in my previous post).
I didn't invite too many people because (1) I haven't cooked a real dinner in a while and (2) I only have 3 chairs and 3 mugs (one a bit broken).  So there were just my sister's family (but unfortunately they left before anyone else came), my artistic colleague, an artist who painted the picture, my amazing classmate, and 2 old male friends, one film director and the other a city planner.
I felt so very happy to have these amazing friends.  They all have sparkly eyes with curiosity and aspirations to be different.  Not like those people who always try to pretend to be smarter than others with their egos.
To tell you the truth, I don't have many friends.  I am just so picky about people, and most people just don't pick me either.  Every once in a while, I literally "meet" someone.  It's always a love at first sight, whether the person is male or female. Many of them are not in Japan so I don't get to see them often.
Since I started my career in business (after working as an editor and an entrepreneur), it became more difficult to meet new people.  I think I prefer to hang out with architects and entrepreneurs than hard-working business people.

Anyway, the party.
I cooked a few dishes, but it was really my friends and my sister who brought bottles of wine and great appetizers. And, we didn't have enough chairs...
I am not very good at taking care of people.  If you are my guests, you are forced to just help yourselves (I am so sorry!).  But I love having people around at my place, cook for the guests, and chat with everyone.  It gives you a great advantage - only you know everyone. Also it helps to keep your place relatively tidy.

I will find more chairs (preferably pick up something second hand) and will practice cooking.  So please come visit me.  You are always welcomed.


AKI said...

My first post ever on your blog ;-p
I feel honored to be "picked" and invited to your lovely 'n cozy apartment.
I enjoyed the party very much !
Hope you enjoy my neighborhood !

Meri said...

Thank you, Aki! I am so glad you enjoyed the evening. I would like to get together with people at my place more often in the future!