April 01, 2012

Saturday, in storm

amirisu had a petit strategy meeting on Saturday, despite the stormy weather.  We were lucky to have found both a photographer and a model (in fact, 2 models) together!  Both of them are exactly our type of people, with similar yet superior tastes, totally in line with our concept for the Fall Issue.
We are so excited!

Then my friend and I went out for a dinner at our favorite bistro, also in Roppongi area.  I hadn't been to this places for a few years either, but the place was fully booked and the food was as good as ever.

Yet, this is not a food blog, so I won't bother you with any more dinner photos!
My friend is a human resource development pro, and told me how there are different kinds of drivers to motivate people.  It made me re-define / rediscover my characteristics, help me see what types of jobs are really appealing to me... so interesting.  I also learned a few things about product development strategies, but that story has to wait for another chance to tell.

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