October 14, 2012

The end of the journey

参加したSquam Art Workshopsイタリア(Squamitalia)のスポンサーもしていたので、宣伝キットの準備やら(そして共同スポンサーしてくれた会社からの荷物が届いているかの心配も)、オープニングでの挨拶やら、ニッターさんたちへアピールするために一緒に編んだり、次号のための取材準備をして取材をしたり、と結構忙しかったのでした。全然自分の時間がなかったから、アクティビティにも参加せず。


I'm back home after two weeks of travel.
Home sweet home.
Although I had been away for 2 weeks on vacation, my Italy trip was not completely a vacation, I was working half the time, worrying about many things, in a very bad Internet connection.
I had been completely utterly exhausted when I arrived in Italy, what with crazy working schedule in the past few months, that my energy level was like at -20.  So, I couldn't bear the sun, the party, the worrying, and ups & downs of emotions of Italian people.  Of course, taking Flora Bowley's class with Susannah Conway (and with 13 other wonderful women with great stories), and walking around the city of Rome with Elizabeth were absolutely amazing.
In fact, I really enjoyed painting this time, very happy about the results, and had such great fun knitting with many like-minded people around the world.  I made several very special friends, and my roommate was a rockstar (I adore her so much).
My Hokkaido trip was also very special.  I think my mind is pretty much made up in several aspects.
More photos, soon.

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GreenPea said...

I've just seen this post - how lovely. You made my trip very special; I couldn't have wished for a better room mate