March 18, 2010

Seoul in Snow




Just arrived at the hotel in Seoul.  My friend emailed me during the day that the weather was fine and not too cold, but when I got out of the plane it was snowing and it will continue to snow until tomorrow.

This business trip was decided too suddenly that my agenda turned out to be all screwed up.  There is no one in the office by now (past 9PM) so I've got to go in first thing tomorrow morning and start with re-scheduling...

I usually fly with ANA (All Nippon Airlines) but this time I was forced to fly with JAL, which is under the government supervision right now.  I was truly surprised that the service and everything really felt like the company just got bankrupted.  They only serves cold box lunch on an international flight, for example.  JAL was said to offer one of the best service among airline companies, and they used to be like Toyota of airline business in Japan (by far #1 share).  Not any more, it felt like flying with discount airlines.  For a customer, whether the company is in bankruptcy or not does not matter.   They should either discount big or improve services.  I personally have never been a fan of JAL and I wouldn't mind if they really go out of business.  ANA rocks!

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