November 02, 2010


Japanese Follows. 日本語は下に。

I found this book on Kelly's blog (her suggested reading list), bought it, and later found out that Retta's book club selected it for November.  This book is my November, I am going to read one chapter per day.

The author lost her father in law for cancer, only after 37 days of diagnosis.  That's when she thought about how to live each day more consciously, fully, and more memorably.

Chapter 1 was about "Write to Remember".

The chapter writes:
" We are all only one step away from losing the stories of our lives.  I write to remember. .... It is also a strategy for learning.  And for determining who and what we are -- and who and what we yearn to be. "

And we are supposed to write a lot while going through this book.

So, here comes My Munich.

9月にSAWで出会ったカンザスのケリーが「おすすめの本」として挙げていたLife Is a Verbという本。購入してみたら、別な友達が「丁度11月に読書会で読むところ」と。わたしも11月に毎日1章ずつ読もうと思っています。







Anonymous said...

I loved your Munich story - such a lovely memory and I love that you are enjoying Live is a Verb. I just finished Patti Digh's two new books, Creative is a Verb and Four Word Self Help and they are wonderful too!

I'm going to go back and read that chapter in Life is a Verb - I really like the idea of capturing our memories that way. My friend Maya Stein ( does that through poetry.

Meri said...

I am loving the book. Last night, I read the part where the husband rented a red convertible, and burst out laughing before falling asleep.

If we somehow capture our memories better, then we can be more free from the past and can live the moment. :) I wish I were a poet too!