May 21, 2010

Window Shopping

I have been debating with a demon inside me over 3 things for quite some time now.

1. I want to buy a good camera.
Of course, I don't need one, I just want one.  My dearest GR Digital is still very much alive and healthy.  But my baby cannot capture proper reds and purples, which always gives me a headache... Oh, well, I can list up millions of reasons why I want to buy a new camera.

2. I want to buy a weaving loom (手織り機)
This one is harder to make a case with.  I have a spinning wheel and I rarely use it (because I already have tons of yarn).  I don't know if I should buy another craft tool with non-negligible size - where can it be stored in my tiny apartment?  But, weaving is so much faster than knitting. Well, this one, I guess I shouldn't buy unless I have unlimited storage space...

3. I want to buy a Kindle
This one will be used for sure.  It is a pain to carry around even a paperback, not to mention a hard cover, because English books are usually printed on low-quality paper thus significantly thicker than Japanese books.  But what would happen to my printed books then?  Perhaps I should wait until I read them all first? That'll probably take about 10 years...


Kristen said...

I waited a while before I plunged and bought a Kindle, but now I can't imagine reading without it. I love the way it feels, the portability and the easy access to books. I think you will love it.

Meri said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion. One more vote for Kindle! I was really tempted to buy one this weekend, but decided to wait at least until I finish the one that I am reading now. I know I will love it!!!!