May 14, 2012

New Projects

編んでいるのはveeraのColor Affectionというショール。Plucky Knitterというインディーズの毛糸メーカーとveeraがコラボして出来たデザイン。キットとして糸3色のセットが売っていたので、数ヶ月前つい買ってしまっていたものです。(2番目の写真。)
I decided to cast on something new for my birthday.  I picked a shawl designed by veera called "Color Affection".  The yarn came as a kit from Plucky Knitter.  It's a very tightly-spun gorgeous yarn - beautiful colors.

出来上がるとこんな感じ?It would look something like this?
Photo courtesy of 100% rain by veera.
I realized that although the colors were pre-selected as a kit, I still have a choice of which colors to knit first, second and last.  Then I found this version on Ravelry, which uses the darkest colors in the middle, and decided to try it.
It's a large shawl, so it may take a looong time to finish.

I decided to reknit this cardigan I made when I was still a novice knitter.  I pretty much follow the pattern, and it turned out pretty well, but there are several parts of the design I didn't like.  I could have knitted with a new yarn, but... this cute red. I couldn't throw it away.
I didn't like it that there are tons of bobbles on sleeves, and the cuffs are a bit too much.  And the collar is pulled sideways by the sleeves.  I am going to modify the pattern quite a bit.  Let's see how it will turn out!

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