September 10, 2012

On and off my needles

I started knitting a long-overdue Damask last weekend.  Actually, Damask is the reason we've found Kitman in the first place.  It turned out to be an extremely well written pattern - very easy to remember, easy to knit, have some new tricks, yet the lace design is truly gorgeous.  I am so into it right now.

それから。amirisuを作っている途中で引っ張りだしてきて、このいつかブランケットになるかもしれない物体を少しずつ編んでます(Granny Stripe Blanket)。Macbookが遅くてクルクル回っている間などに1段編んだり、寝る前に1段編んだり。なんとひとつ目のブロック(白い線)まで到達。あと5年くらいはかかりそうですが。
And this blanket (Granny Stripe Blanket).  I was knitting this while working on amirisu issue 1, when my Macbook was very slow and the cursor was turning round and round.  I feel extremely accomplished for having finished the first section.

And, yes, this shawl was done recently.  I changed the last bit to my liking(mods explained in my Ravelry page), but otherwise followed the pattern.


Finally, we are starting a new KAL, Lull, designed by roko, one of our contributors in amirisu.  She will be joining us too, so if you CO at the same time, you can experience the speed of her knitting in real ;-)
I have decided on this Madelinetosh yarn in Fawn color. Still contemplating whether to put some beads or not.  For details, please see our KAL board.  Join us!

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