November 09, 2012


I took a day off from work, and went canoeing in the river up 2 hours north from Tokyo.  I found out about this canoe lesson from a couple who owns a lodge in Toro, Hokkaido, where I stayed a month ago.  The owner is originally from this region, and he hosts lessons every year at this time of the season.
I wanted to join the 2 day lesson on the weekend, but it was already full (20 people!).  I turned out to be lucky because the weather was perfect today, and there were only 4 of us in the lesson.



It was the first time I canoed with my own effort.  I had been on a couple of tours, but now I understand those were not really canoeing.  I was just sitting on a boat that someone was canoeing.
It turned out to be much harder than I thought, and I am completely exhausted now.  But, it was soooo beautiful with foliage and warm sunlight.



In the morning, we learned different strokes and how to maneuver in the water.  After lunch, we went down the river all afternoon.  At 3:30, I was truly tired but it was too beautiful to call it a day.

After the lesson, the instructor cooked us Japanese sweet with red beans and mochi.  I had a beautiful wonderful day (and going to bed at 7:30PM).  I still feel like floating on the water.

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