February 17, 2012

今日の気になるもの Antenna 2/17



そのGAPの広告はかのハーブ・リッツの撮りおろしで、どうも随分話題になっていたらしい。わたしは高校生だったので全然そんなことは知らなかったのですが、父親が出張に行くたびに買ってきてもらうRolling Stone誌にGAP広告が載っていると切り抜き、フレームに入れたりして大事に保管していました。その写真ではじめて知ったMiles DavisやKim Basingerなど、今見ても最高にカッコいい傑作揃い。


I was talking to my friend the other day about how I fell in love with a guy on a GAP ad, who turned out to be k.d.lang (when I was in high school). My dad used to buy me Rolling Stones magazines everytime he traveled overseas, and I loved the series of GAP ad images. I started collecting and used to keep them in frames.

This blog talks about the history of GAP ad campaigns - you see k.d.lang's photo at the beginning. The collection of Herb Ritts GAP photos have been published as a book. I am getting the book now, will show you when I get it!







2. Photos of oldtown Tokyo

I googled the word "oldtown (in Japanese: shitamachi)", and found out there are many photos out there. They all look wonderful.

The characteristics of the Japanese oldtown area are: high density wooden structures, narrow path (usually 1~2m wide), lively neighborhood, planter gardens, old shops, older people, traditional atmosphere... This type of neighborhoods have been disappearing for many decades, because now it is against the law to build wooden buildings at high density, due to fear of fire.

They say, fire engines cannot go through the narrow path in case of emergency. I would say, why build our city based on the size of the western-originated fire engines? Why not build the car that fits our streets?

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