February 08, 2012

今日の気になるもの Antenna


From 1922 to 44, there was a children's picture book magazine published in Japan.  Now extremely famous (in Japan and in some European countries) painters, poets and musicians contributed to it.  In 2005, the current president of the company discovered the magazine in their warehouse, and decided to re-edit and reprint. The $50 book series has become a small hit in Japan since then.
I read about this book just this morning. Have to check it out myself.

もう1つはイギリスの建築雑誌、Architectural Reviewのサイトに掲載されている記事。Analysis: The slow re-build of Japan. 被災地の復興が、上からの意思決定と現地の思惑とで遅れている状況が、海外の客観的な目で語られています。

The second item for today is some updates from the earthquake damaged regions.  This article in Architectural Review (a major UK magazine) "Analysis: The slow re-build of Japan" talks about how malfunction of Japanese political world and the central government are hindering the rebuilding activities.
On the other hand, I heard about a micro-finance program helping those people rebuilding their lives and recovering their jobs. Genki-dama Project.
We've got drawings by the architects.  We've got finance covered and we've got people who are willing to invest in their new lives.  What's missing are City Planning and the government's decision making. How much we listen to the individual needs and sentiments, how much we focus on speed and economic recovery? Finding a good balance between these while treading through political traps and hurdles - this is probably what City Planning is about.

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