August 23, 2011

そのひと手間 Blocking




To make something beautiful, that extra work is important.

When I was a girl, I didn't have the patience to go the extra mile.
So the completed hand work were sometimes good, sometimes miserable failures.

But come to think of it, it is nothing to do with youth or maturity of age, but more to do with maturity of your craftsmanship.  When you are barely learned, you tend to exhaust your energy at near completion, no will nor energy left for adding some final touches.
When I started to knit, I didn't do blocking after finish knitting.  (Blocking means you soak the finished object and pin it to dry.)  Since I finally learned how to properly do blocking, I began to create knitted pieces that I can actually love.


I have been blocking this shawl since yesterday.  Usually takes a full day or two.  You see, the fabric looks completely different after blocking.  It's like 70 year old lady became 30 again overnight.


この前のブログのタイトルでもGod is in the details.と書いたのですが、これは非常に自分にフィットする言葉だな、と最近感じます。ふと見回すと、隣にこの言葉が居ました、的な。
わたしはGestaltとGod is in the detailsと、この両方の言葉がとても好きです。両極に見えるこのふたつを常に自分の根っこに据えて、昼間の仕事も手仕事もしたい。

God is in the details.  I used this phrase as a title of a post a week back.  Recently I became more aware that the phrase suits me well.  Like, I look around one day and found the phrase has been sitting right next to me all along.
I love these two expressions: Gestalt and God is in the details.  Seem like complete opposite expressions, still both well fit themselves in my world, for my day job as well as my craft work.

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