October 16, 2010


Speaking of aroma, in the time when "aroma-therapy" and various types of herbal essence is so popular, the smell of coffee relaxes me the most.

Today I am thankful that our office is full of wonderful aroma of coffee.

After our team moved down to an executive floor (I'm not an executive, just working for one), there was a coffee machine installed, which is such a privilege in our company.  The company doesn't even provide a water fountain, except for this floor.  So, before, I was reluctant to be working on the floor full of C*Os and their secretaries, but now I am totally happy.


Retta said...

I love this photo! So pretty. I stopped drinking coffee back in January to cut back on caffeine and I think I miss the smell of it more than anything. It does smell good!

Meri said...

Thank you, Retta!! Oh, you are so strong... I don't think I can ever stay away from my coffee. But yeah, sometimes the smell is just enough, I don't have to drink it to relax.