October 06, 2010


Inspired by new friends, Retta and Shelly, I decided to join this challenge and, each day, post a photo plus comments about a thing I am grateful for.
It was supposed to start from the beginning of October, but "it's better late than never", right?

Today I am actually grateful for 3 things:

First of all, I am grateful about a cafe/deli in the neighborhood of my office.  It's a Japanese style deli, and my most favorite lunch place now.  If you order a lunch with pasta, you will get a bowl of matcha green tea (or coffee).
Second of all, I am grateful about finding this iPhone camera application.  It's so great and so addicting!  I kept taking photos all day today.
Third of all, I am grateful for my new friends.  We touch bases daily, encourage each other, and have fun together.  Retta told me about this camera apps.


Retta said...

I'm so glad you are doing the thankful challenge too! I can't wait to see what cool shots you get with the app!

Shelly said...

I love it! :) This is one challenge that's a lot of fun and isn't hard. I'm glad you joined us. Your picture looks great, I've been experimenting with that app, too...I love the effects.