October 12, 2010

Give me a break

Honestly, I am not in a thankful mode today.  A normal person would reward oneself with a booze or a piece of tartlet, or even a good long bath, but I am doing neither to go to bed early (need to get up early tomorrow).

Today I am disappointed by lack of direction and will from my superiors.  I am disappointed that some indispensable colleagues left our company (some time ago, I only found out today).  Just realized today that, I am caught up in a situation where several issues have to be solved all at once in order to make sense.  It's impossible, of course.  Which means, perhaps, our approach has been wrong all along.
Moreover, I am disappointed in myself, for, while I still believe our goal is rightly set, I didn't spend much time arguing about the approach.

So I am thankful that today is almost over, and tomorrow is a whole new day, and I still have got a few new ideas to try.

If you can visualize it in your brain, that means it's achievable.  I can visualize the end-game.  Why do we get stuck so often?

I wish my sister's dogs are with me tonight.


Ruchir said...

Wish you a good tomorrow and a positive start!!!

Ruchir said...

Rightly said for the visualization part, but depends on if what we are visualizing is what we need to build? Or, others need to visualize that you are visualizing in order for all of us not to get stuck. That's where lie the concept of team, you aren't alone. The speed of development of a car depends on the development of the slowest part. And if one gets stuck, you won't get the car developed. Happy tomorrow. Wish you a good day and hope for myself to have it too, it wasn't the best today. :)

Shelly said...

:( Boo to bad days! I hope you can figure out how to handle your situation in a way that makes you feel good. Your outlook reminded me of a quote by Anne Shirley of Green Gables, "Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet."

Hang in there!

Meri said...

Thanks, Ruchir, for your comments and encouragements. About that, I wasn't speaking just for myself, but for my boss and the team members too...I am not the one doing the actual work,so.
Anyway, yeah, wish you have a great day.
I am already optimistic.

Meri said...

Shelly, thanks a lot! Yes,it sounds oddly familiar :)
The problem doesn't go away overnight, but I have a new attitude!