October 27, 2010

Regaining, restoring, repacking


Today, one of my old high school classmates came by to my office's neighborhood, and we had a great lunch together.  I have been seeing a lot of friends from high school these days, and the long-lost memories started to submerge from somewhere.  It's kind of like restoring an old painting - my memories and my self have been restored and I am seeing a clearer picture now.  For this, I am grateful today.

My winter clothes all came back from a dry cleaner in a bulk, and my closet is completely packed now.  The other day I bought another skirt, for I had forgotten about the other similar-looking one.

Above is a desert for lunch, matcha ice cream with red bean curd, 
on top of Japanese -style crispy waffle.  Yum!


Retta said...

Yay for connecting with old friends! That dessert looks really good and very interesting.

Shelly said...

I guess going to your high school reunion turned out to be better than you expected! That's pretty great.

And yes, Retta... that dessert *is* really good. I've had it here in San Diego before. I love Japanese desserts, very unique flavors.

Meri said...

Yeah, I am glad that my friend did not give up when I said "no" in the beginning (for the reunion).

Japanese sweets use a lot of half-smashed red bean. Next time I see you, I hope to bring you some :)