October 14, 2010


Japanese follows. 日本語は下に。

Whenever I have Japanese meals, I am grateful for being a Japanese.

Last Monday, I decided to have quick-fix Japanese food for dinner everyday.  The same menu every day, the menu a normal Japanese person would eat for breakfast.  But I don't have time to fix food in the morning and just have a toast.

The menu is:
White rice + miso soup (instant, but you can't tell the difference anyway) + natto with a bunch of things (the 2nd photo is only a part of them).

Natto is fermented soybeans, a very popular food in Japan.  It's a love-it or hate-it food, often an acquired taste, because of its smell.  I used to dislike it when I was very little.  But it's an ultimate health food.

The other day I watched on news that natto can keep your skin and organs healthy and helps you live longer (they did an experiment on mouse), but you have to eat a pack a day for at least 2 months to see the difference.
So I am thinking, perhaps I should try that too.  So far, I am not at all tired of the same menu.

BTW, my brain-racking work yesterday paid off by my boss's "that's what I was talking about!" Yes, sort of... But I felt totally rewarded so I am very happy today.








山口周 said...

if you got tired with getting natto.
I recommend you natto-chazuke.

here is procedure.

1:Make Gohan
2:Prepare natto
3:Make "Osumashi" soup
4:Mix all the above

Natto-chazuke is much less sticking than usual natto so it's maybe more convenient in the morning maybe!

Meri said...

That's very cute, thank you! :)
I will try that sometime.