March 27, 2012

Antena 今日の気になるもの

It is getting warmer day by day, but what I want right now is a simple crew-neck sweater.  In shetland wool.  In pure red.
Recently I discovered that all my wooly things are either V-necks, cardigans, or my own hand-knitted strange sweaters.  Wondering whether I should buy one or knit one, it's getting even warmer.
I have been knitting with all kinds of yarn in the past few years, but at the end of the day, I love natural woolen spun yarns and tweeds.  Superwash, soft merino, worsted, all of them are great, but I prefer the lightness and the touches of shetland wool.  It is simply very sad that the sheep farmers and spinners are going out of business in all over Europe, and it is becoming harder to get those yarns.

一昨日、Hunger Gamesを遂に読み始めました。Audibleでも買って聴かず、Kindleでも買って読んでいなかったのだけど、映画が来ちゃうので焦ってきたところ。これは絶対本が先がいいに違いない。
And I finally started reading Hunger Games.  You have to read this one first before watching the movie, right? I am totally hooked, as you know it.

Below is a sunset view from my (boss's) office.  We are now located this close from the Tokyo Tower. I am getting used to our new office, decorating my desk with a lot of work-unrelated stuffs.  Until some very senior management people talk me out of it, I am fully intended to bring a lot of things from my home.

Tomorrow after work, I am going to meet another potential collaborator and am really excited about it. You never know which seed will bare fruits, so better plant a lot!

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